To many music creatives fall victim in the music industry. That’s because they dive in without a map and a guide. It’s easy to be to be excited about the music industry, but if you have blind spots it’s to early to be taken advantage of.

Musample exists to make sure music creatives know what they need to know when they need to know it and have the guide they need when they need them.

Trusted Professionals

We have the knowledge and expertise to provide assistance whether you are just starting your journey through music or mid-way through your journey.  For more than 10 years, we have helped countless music creatives navigate the waters of the music business successfully. 

Built with you in mind, Music Protection, Legal Sampling, Music Monetization, Digital Distribution and more.

Music Protection

Protecting your music is one of the main ways to assure your legacy is not only protected…but that it pays. At MuSample we offer the tools to assure that you have the legal rights over all elements of your music to be able to protect infringement and unpaid use.


Our platform takes your music and supports you in finding unique strategies and platforms to monetize your music. more than “cd baby” & “anchor” we position you to distribute to platforms, show host, events, and more to develop a network of opportunities to monetize your musical craft. 


Using inspiration from music from the past is one of the best ways to tap in and create multi-genre appeal. at the same time it needs to be done properly and legally for 2 reasons: 1. if you want to monetize the song you will need permission, and 2. you could get traction with the song, and in the long run, be sued no worries though we help with that at Musample.